Having a hard time getting people to Like, Comment, or Share your Facebook posts? With the decline in reach, Facebook is pushing more and more to ‘Pay to Play’ with Facebook Ads for you to show your posts to your fans. If you can afford that, great! But if you are not ready to ‘pay to play’ then here are 5 Killer Facebook Post Types that are sure to get you more engagement and traffic to our Facebook Page.

#1 Inspirational Posts – This is a strategy that I use all the time on my Facebook page as well as my client’s pages. You know the world we live in today and the negativity (on Facebook). Choose to encourage and inspire your fans with inspirational and/or motivational quotes and images. This works wonderfully!

#2 Fill-in-the-Blank Posts – These are a lot of fun and people love to complete the sentence. Make it about your industry or not, either way works. For instance, if you are in the car business, you may want to post: I got my first car at the age of ______. Give it a try and just have fun with it!

#3 A Personal Post – Don’t be afraid to post a personal picture of yourself or your staff. You can be silly or not. People connect with you not only on a business level, but on a personal level. That’s why they’re on Facebook anyway, to connect with people!!

#4 Humor/Relate-able Post – Have you seen those funny photos or Somee Cards with a funny message and thought “Yes, I know exactly what you mean”? Any time you combine humor with an idea or experience that people can relate to, you have a winning combination. Just word of warning, make sure your humor isn’t offensive!

#5 A Company Milestone/Special Announcement- Share your good news & company milestones such as company anniversary dates, closings if you are a Realtor, or even a new baby or marriage announcement of a staff member. etc. People love happiness and to show their support. Let them!

There you have it! Take one for each day and create a post for your Facebook Page this week. Wow, I just helped you create a week’s worth of posts! …..You’re Welcome :-)!!

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