6 Good Reasons Why Email Marketing Can Work for Your Business

Why Use Email Marketing?  Well, email marketing is perfectly suited to the way small businesses have always operated. It is personal, immediate and easily tailored to what makes you unique. Above all, it’s practical!

Here are six good reasons why email marketing can work for your business:

1. Effective

According to the Direct Marketing Association, $1 spent on email advertising was shown to return between $45 and $51 — and despite what you might think, email gets read. Open rates for email often approach 40 percent.

2. Affordable

Industry estimates say online campaigns are 20 times more cost-effective than other marketing channels, with individual email messages often costing just fractions of a penny. As a result, email makes it practical to communicate more often with customers.

3. Easy

Sending out professional-quality email campaigns is now a do-it-yourself project. Or you can outsource this to a social media expert like me! 🙂

4. Quick and Effective

Need to boost revenue right away? Email marketing allows you to broadcast to everyone at Internet speed. Initial campaign response generally occurs within 48 hours of launch.

5. Grows Relationships

Emailing personalized deals or your inside scoop is an efficient way to make customers feel important. If a customer feels appreciated and finds value in your message, you gain their loyalty while offering the perfect word-of-mouth opportunity.

6. Measurable

A great advantage of email is that everything can be tracked. From the moment you send an email, you can see how many people opened it, clicked on certain links, and forwarded it to others and much more!

If you need help with your email marketing or social media marketing, give me a call at 281-701-9743.


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