How To Create A Discussion vs Selling Something In A Facebook Group

Have you noticed that in a Facebook Group, you’ll see the status box asking, “What are you selling”?

This is the default for groups.  But maybe you’re just wanting to make a post about your business but not necessarily selling a product, what do you do then?  Well, I’ve seen many people use the Selling Something option and just put the $ amount to zero.  But then they put the actual $ amount in the status box with their post.  How confusing is this???!!

The best way to eliminate any confusion and to do it right as far as I’m concerned, is to click on the option that fits your particular situation.  See the picture below.

The Selling Something is pretty explanatory I think.  The Start Discussion option may have some confused.  This option is basically just like the status box on your personal profile page.  It’s what you’d use if you are writing a post about a product that you are featuring, or if you are promoting your band.  I personally just use this option every time I post.  But if I were to be selling a Social Media Package, I would most likely use the Selling Something option.

I hope this helps clear of any confusion and helps you with your posting.  If you have any questions about this blog feel free to contact me.

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