A Kick Butt Social Media Content Calendar

What Do I Post?

The question I get asked most of the time from people is “What types of things do I post on my business page?”  Well there are a number of topics you could post about on your page but you’ll need to create a Content Calendar.  The difference between having a content marketing calendar and not having one is simple: One is flying by the seat of your pants and the other is executing a social media strategy.  You must have a strategy and a calendar for your posts!

I’m grateful for the chance to help you massively cut down the time you spend with organizing your content and allowing you to spend more time on the things that’ll help you grow and improve your social media results.

I am super excited to share this with you today ….the Social Media Calendar!

Here is a simple Content Calendar with various topics for each day to posts as well as the best times to post them.  This should keep you constant and consistent on social media. Something you definitely need to keep top of mind awareness with your customers and potential customers.  Feel free to interchange the topics at anytime!  If you find posting 3 times per day a little overwhelming, feel free to start with one and work yourself up to 2 then 3. The key is to be consistent.

Enjoy our FREE Content Calendar with Topics to use for posting as well as the best times to post.

Evaluate Your Posts

As your social media publishing schedule continues to get more elaborate and personalized to your organization, consider experimenting with content to see what works best for your audience. Check your Analytics such as your Facebook Page Insights to see how each post did or which got you more engagement.  Ask yourself these types of questions when looking over how each post did:

  1. Does time of day affect engagement?
  2. Does frequency of posts increase or decrease visibility and engagement?
  3. What type of content is the most popular? Should there be more of this type of content in the calendar?
  4. Do posts with custom graphics get better engagement?

Be Flexible

A calendar is just a guideline, not an absolute. Sometimes things happen that mean you need to make changes. Having everything planned and easy to edit is necessary, so you can occasionally slip in new content, or special announcements, or address something trending.

For example, say a massive news item hits the Internet, and you want to comment on it. You could easily cancel a planned post and replace it, then make a note in the calendar that states you had. Take the original post and set it for another open slot, or choose to do one extra post for that day at a later hour.

So, I challenge you to start experimenting with this Content Calendar to bring value to your social media marketing!

If you have any to add to this calendar, feel free to drop me a line at melissa_conkling@yahoo.com.

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