The Secret to Getting More Facebook Page Likes

Are you looking to increase the number of Page Likes on your Business’s Facebook Page?  It seems to be an ongoing process and you want to have people who are interested in what you do or sell.  Nothing like having a bunch of “deadhead” Page Likes!

This a cool little way to get more Page Likes for your Facebook Business Page that has been out for a little while but apparently wasn’t widely known.   In fact, I just found out about it not long ago myself.

Here’s the secret!

Go through your Facebook business page news feed and find a post you made that did really well and got lots of likes like maybe around 4 or more.  Four seems to be the sweet spot for when this option happens.  You should see it say “and 3 others” or ever how many more people have liked it over the 1st 3.  In this instance, you see after Roslyn, Jennifer, and Seminara liked it, it over flowed to the “and 2 others”.

Click on the “and 2 others”.  A box will open like this:

Invite all those with Invite next to their name.  These people have obviously liked that post and most likely will like what you do or sell.  The “grayed out Like” people are already fans of your page and the “Like” button is so you can return the favor and like their page.

I hope you find this useful.  If you have any questions on this blog, feel free to comment, message, email, or call me. 🙂

Have a great week!

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