How to “Keep In Touch” & Stand Out Above The Crowd On Linkedin

There are MANY ways to stand out above the crowd on Linkedin but this blog is just about the “Ways to Keep in Touch” feature.  You know the box at the top right corner of the screen on Linkedin that announces all of your connection’s work anniversaries and new jobs and gives you the option to LIKE, COMMENT, or SKIP?

Linkedin does a great job of making it easy for you to engage with your connections with this feature but why do you want to look and sound like the rest?  Chances are if you do, then they are more likely to ignore it or just look over the same old same old response.  It may even come across as insincere and who cares.

First of all , remember the real reason you got on Linkedin in the first place….to make connections!  You want to engage with these connections that you’ve made, you know “connect” and “build” relationships with these people.  Being automatic is NOT the way!

So to stand out above the crowd, the next time your connection has a new announcement…click COMMENT and add a more personal message.  Here are some suggestions:

On a New Job:

“Congrats on your new job!  I look forward to hearing about your new venture!”

“Way to go!  Let’s have coffee soon so I can learn all about your new venture!”

On a Work Anniversary:

“Wow 20 years!  That’s awesome!  Wishing you many more successful years!”

“Congratulations on your 1st year!  Wishing you many more successful years!”

There are many ways to cheer them on.  Just put it in your own words and it will come across sincere.

What are some of the ways you comment on these?  Please Share in the comments!

Have an awesome week!  Thank you for reading my blog!  I appreciate your support 🙂

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