Shut Up Talking About YOUR PRODUCT!!!

I see this all the time on Facebook or all of social media.  People posting all about themselves or their great product.  STOP!!  Just freaking stop it already!  LOL

First of all, social media is a SOCIAL network or circle of people, not an advertising billboard you see on the side of the road.


Think of social media like it’s a online networking meeting.  When you login, it’s like you’re walking thru the door at a real networking meeting.  If you go into a networking meeting like a Chamber event, Business mixer, or some other type of networking group and start talking about nothing but your product, you’re going to be standing alone very quickly.  We’ve all seen these people at a business mixer we’ve attended.  As soon as you enter the room, they approach you with a friendly smile, shove their business card in your hand (never asking for yours) and start asking you if you have life insurance or what energy provider do you have or do you take vitamins & supplements.  UGH!  Like you come there just to buy Life Insurance or any of those things!  You just want to ….ESCAPE!  Exactly!  So why do you want to be this person on social media?

Remember, people get on social media to connect with others they relate to.  If all you do is talk about your product, people are going to stop listening to you.  They will either hide your posts or totally unfollow you all together.  This is NOT what you want!  We all know why you’re on facebook, to sell your product.  OK, but don’t throw it in our faces everyday.

So focus more on posting non-promotional things that will get people interested in you, and then every once in a while, talk a little bit about your product.  Non-promotional posts could be many things like, inspirational quotes, business tips, how-to tips  or an industry trend.  These are things that people relate to and will want to follow you for . When you sprinkle a promotional post in there like you would salt your food…lightly, they will be more accepting and continue to follow you.  And eventually they will become a customer.  Remember, people buy from “people” they know, like, & trust!!  Now, get out there and build those relationships!

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